Our Story



Our mission is to enable and empower self-expression one unique accessory at a time


The Why

We strive to curate collections of unique, affordable and high quality fashion accessories from around the world. As female founders, we know that our whole mood can change when we have the right shoes, sunnies or handbag on. We feel as if we can conquer the world. We also know that on some days we're super sassy or classy and on others, we're laid back and casual. We love having accessories that fit the need no matter the mood and we wanted to create a brand that offers all those things in one place.


The How

Socially conscious and charitable at heart, we strive to deliver most affordable handcrafted fashion pieces with designer quality materials. We use premium materials and maintain exceptionally high standards for quality and social responsibility.


The Impact

We donate part of the proceeds to non-profit rowing organizations to support youth rowing programs and scholarships in order to help create a more inclusive and accessible rowing community for all youth. We strongly believe that rowing has the capacity to transform lives as it did for our founders. We support foundations such as George Pocock Rowing Foundation which strive to build and support high quality programs and facilities that promote access to rowing, excellence in rowing, and use rowing as a means to foster physical activity, health, leadership, and community engagement.